Sunday, January 29, 2012

Who Cares

Running a small business sucks. It seems like no one cares about small businesses, even your friends sometimes. I know everyone has stuff in their lives, but I am growing increasingly annoyed that I will post something to FB or Twitter asking for people to share it or help... they do nothing then I see a post about how they need more cows for their stupid online game. My business is no game, it is my life but yet they gets tons of people replying.

Then if your seen as important you can sneeze and be all over press and be on the tonight show. I see articles on the news that are just dumb and frustrating that these people are being helped by mass media. I am building jobs in the USA and all I hear are the voices in my head, but if Masterlock says they are going to bring production back they get a presidential nod WTF they brought back 100 jobs that is nothing for a big business! They still make everything in China, but because they said they were going to make stuff here everyone thinks they are... People wake up and stop drinking the Kool-Aid

For the last month or so I have been thinking of starting a charity to help support other small businesses, but I am becoming increasingly disinterested because it seems that no one would care. No one would want to support something that actually helped, but they will go to Starbucks buy crappy coffee from a massive corporation and buy a bracelet so they can give money to JP Morgan Chase so JP Morgan can bend more people over a barrel until they are run out of business or their homes.

I know no one is going to read this or care, but it makes me feel better. I have tried to keep the happy face for the last 4 years as we lost our house, our savings, our lifestyle and now our friends. It seems now that I no longer make over $100K and don't have the fancy car or the big house people come up with lame excuses on why they do not want to go out, meet or do anything. We went out for New Years, our friends did not show up and could not even say why. We are the same people we used to be, I thrive on socialization so this has been slowly killing me.  We can work our own schedule so we can go out for lunch, for dinner or whatever but it seems that we are just not that interesting anymore.

I keep holding out hope that we will make it, that we will have the life we used to but then if we get big and are a success people will just be groupies wanting something from us because we are popular.  What a Pain, I want real friends and real people, the kind of people who actually care and would help you if you need it.  I do anything for people all of the time, and get screwed for it.  I let someone borrow the truck they hit something, mess it up, leave crap all over, drain the tank and don’t even care.  It seems like to be successful you have to screw everyone, to have people respect you they have to fear you…  Not my style.

Sadly I grew up in Oregon, many people I went to school with are still around, people I worked with are around but yet we have no real friends anymore.  We are looking forward to moving out of state to Santa Fe NM, at least there will be sun.  Nothing ties us to Oregon anymore, no friends my brother is in Seattle and the parents are looking at traveling again.  What a sad state of affairs at only 32 years old.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it, don’t throw me a pity party it is just the way it is.



Scott Martin said...

I care and I tell people about your product every chance I get. I know starting a small business is hard I m there too. I will continue to try to help you as much as I can posting on Facebook, sharing and telling people in person.

Del said...


Hope your situation has improved since your post. I just ran across by following a link from Made In America FB post. Don't know you, but worked at a lot of small firms in my younger days, as a machinist. I know what a struggle it is keeping all the balls in the air. Please know that there are folks out there like me, who "Buy American" from big firms and local crafters. I also write letters, send emails, and generally give hell to companies that don't make things here.

Hang in, buddy. Help is on the way.


Ryan Belshee said...

Thank you guys!

Scott, I really am appreciative of all you have done for us. It has been great seeing your support, it does help a lot both in business and personally.


Trudy Z. said...

I can relate to the frustrations you feel. I too am a small business owner.I wanted to promote other US businesses and started a blog just for that.

I am tight with my extended family and my sisters and daughter are my friends but I would feel isolated if I didn't have them so I completely understand. Hang in there and let me know what you think I could do to help.